Radio-microphone and IEM frequencies and available UHF spectrum and its uses in the UK

The use of radio-microphones and IEM's is restricted to certain frequencies. For some frequencies, use is license exempt, but for most frequencies a PMSE license is required from Ofcom. 

The UHF spectrum available in the UK is 470 - 790 MHz (also 823 - 832 MHz and 863 - 865 MHz)

470 - 606 MHz = Site specific licence required
606 - 614 MHz = UK roaming licence required
614 - 790 MHz = Site specific licence required
823 - 832 MHz = UK roaming licence required
863 - 865 MHz = UK wide licence exempt

1785 - 1805 MHz = UK roaming licence required

Using the equipment outside of these ranges could have serious consequences. Besides the reduced technical performance of the equipment, it may also affect other users.

You could also be fined, or have your equipment confiscated if you do not have the correct license. 

It is the responsibility of the operator of the radio equipment to obtain a license.

For further information on licensing please visit the Ofcom website

Each piece of Sennheiser wireless equipment has a tuning range e.g.. 606 - 648 MHz (Range GB) and most of our products are available in several different frequency ranges.

Your intended use of the equipment will impact which frequency range should be purchased. 

For example if you intend to use the equipment in various locations around the UK, the UK roaming licence would be suited for this purpose (606 - 614 MHz or 823 - 832 MHz).

For a full view of all Sennheiser radiomics and their ranges - please see the attached document. 

Some changes are due to the usable spectrum within the UK, whereby the 700MHz band will no longer be available as of the 1st May 2020, please see attached document detailing these changes.

If you have any questions regarding which range to select, please raise a support request ticket