EW300/500 easy setup

Turn on your receiver (please leave the transmitter turned off). Hit the SET button on your receiver to enter the menus. The first menu item is SQUELCH. Hit SET to adjust Squelch to 5 dB, its lowest setting. Hit SET to store this setting.

Use the arrow buttons to move down to EASY SETUP. Hit SET to enter the Easy Setup menu. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to SCAN NEW LIST. Hit the SET button to start the scan.

The receiver will scan through all frequencies, looking for low noise frequencies (those below squelch). Once the scan is complete, Easy Setup will recommend a bank with free channels (frequencies). If your receiver identifies enough free frequencies for your system, hit SET to accept the recommendation. Your display will read “Stored.”

If you DON'T find enough free frequencies with Squelch on 5dB, cancel the scan by briefly tapping the ON/OFF button (which acts as an "escape") Hit SET to re-enter the menus, and raise Squelch one setup (to 7 dB) and rescan. By setting squelch as low as possible, your receiver will look for the best frequencies to use - those with the lowest noise, which provides the longest range and most reliable operation.

Raise squelch 1 notch at a time until your scan identifies a sufficient number of channels for your system. Hit SET to accept that recommendation. Once you have identified a bank to use and have stored your new frequency...

Use the FREQUENCY PRESET menu item to set your additional receivers to the same bank, and then to different channels (presets) found in your scan. The banks are sets of coordinated frequencies that we have calculated to work well together. All systems in the same frequency range should be on the same bank of preset frequencies to ensure the best performance.

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  • 13-Jul-2015