ME 3 For Speech Recognition Software

The ME 3 is recommended by some people for use with speech recognition software.. Whilst it is a very good quality microphone and gives good results, it is not ideally suited for this use out of the box.. 

The Sennheiser ME 3 microphone is designed for use with our radiomicrophone bodypack transmitters and comes fitted with a mini-jack with a locking ring. 

This locking ring will prevent the microphone from being connected directly to most PC's. Also the standard ME 3 is not wired correctly for being connected to a PC.

To use the ME 3 with a PC for voice recognition, the mini-jack connector must be cut off and rewired with a standard mini-jack connector with the correct wiring configuration for use with a PC. This would be wired as:

  • Signal wire to tip and ring of jack
  • Screen to sleeve of jack

As an alternative, we would highly recommend using one one of our PC headsets or UC headsets

These come with the correct connectors for pluging straight into a computer (or in some cases smartphone or tablet). They also have the advantage of being a headset which incorporates a microphone and headphone, so can also be used for telephony purposes. 

Some models also have a noise cancelling microphone, which helps in reducing background noise getting into the microphone, so would be better suited to use in noisy environments.

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  • 16-Nov-2016