Pin configuration SK 3063 / SK 50 / SK 5012 / SK 5212

Pin 3 of the lemo is both the audio input at microphone level and the bias voltage for the microphone.

For most Sennheiser microphones (e.g. MKE2, HSP2, HS2, etc.) this requires the red wire to be soldered to pin 3 of the lemo and the blue wire to be soldered to pin 1 of the lemo. 

The screen is folded back into the barrel of the connector. 

To connect a standard dynamic microphone with a 3 pin XLR connector, you will need to make a special lead:

  • XLR pins 1&3 connected to lemo pins 1
  • XLR pin 2 connected via an electrolytic capacitor to pin 3 of the lemo.
  • The capacitor should be around 10uF 10V. The positive terminal must be connected at the lemo end.

Pin 2 is generally unused for connecting Sennheiser microphones. 

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  • 09-Dec-2016