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Audio specialist Sennheiser is to withdraw from the pilots’ headset business from March 2016. The company will fulfil all its obligations for servicing and spare parts throughout the full guarantee period for its headsets. Headsets for the air traffic control (ATC) sector are not affected by this decision, but will continue to be marketed with the current ATC team under the responsibility of the joint venture Sennheiser Communications. 
Please find the official press release attached and check out the Q&As below for more detailed information. 

Questions and Answers

Until when can I purchase Aviation headsets? 
The last date for individual pilots to purchase headsets from their local dealer is 29 February 2016. 
Where can I purchase the headsets? 
You can purchase the headsets at one of the Sennheiser Aviation dealers worldwide or in the Sennheiser e-commerce shop (beyond 29 February 2016 as supplies last). 
Will my headset still have its warranty? 
Yes, every headset will have spares and service for its entire warranty period. 
How do I get my headset repaired? 
For service in the UK please visit here

If you are outside of the UK, the Service & Support information at Service Partners Worldwide will guide you to the best location for servicing your headset. 
When will the supply of spare parts end for GA and BCA headsets? 
Spares and service will be available through the full warranty period of each headset model. 
Where can I purchase these spare parts? 
Spares and service are available through your regional Sennheiser location and our regional certified service partners (see Service Partners Worldwidefor the best location near you). 
When will the supply of accessories such as ear pads, windscreens etc. end? 
Stocks will be planned for the warranty life of the headsets, available through the Sennheiser e-commerce shop beyond 29 February 2016. 
I have further questions, can I contact Sennheiser by mail or phone? 
Of course: 
EMEA – aviation.europe@sennheiser.de / + 800 / 73 66 43 47 toll free 
(Note: In a few countries the above number is not available. In this case please contact: +49 (0) 392 03 / 72 – 789) 
ASIA – service.asia@sennasia.com.sg / +65 64085143 
Americas - Technical Support Center / +1 877 736 6434 

After February 2016 is there still a contact person for Aviation-specific questions at Sennheiser? 
Yes, all of the contact points above are valid beyond February 2016. 
Why does Sennheiser exit the Aviation business?
Sennheiser has taken the decision to better focus on the company’s core businesses, and therefore to exit the General Aviation and Business / Commercial Aviation cockpit headset businesses. 
Will Sennheiser be exiting the ATC business? 
The decision to exit the Aviation Business does not affect the Air Traffic Control communications headset business, which will continue under Sennheiser Communications. All questions concerning the ATC business segment should be directed to Gus Skalkos – gus.skalkos@sennheiser.com 

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  • 26-Jul-2016