EK G3 output configuration

Radio microphones are mono devices. The receivers will only output a mono signal, not a stereo signal.

The output of the EK 100 is unbalanced and the output of the EK 500 is balanced. 

For a mono output onto an XLR connector, you must use the following cables:

EK 100 receiver - use the CL 100 cable

EK 500 receiver - use the CL 500 cable

The cables are wired as shown below: 

For connecting either of these receivers to a device with a stereo mini-jack input, you should use the CL 1 cable. 

This is wired so that the mono output of the receiver is connected to both the tip and the ring of the minijack which connects to your device (e.g. video-camera, DSLR, etc. ). 

This will put the mono signal onto both the left and the right channels of your device, so you will hear the signal in the centre. 

Please see the attachment showing the wiring diagram for the CL 1

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  • 09-Jan-2018