WSM Training

Wireless Systems Manager is a professional software solution for remotely monitoring and controlling wireless systems. 

On this link you will be able to find videos on how to use WSM training form the following down below.

NOTE: These videos are updated regularly

  1. Wireless Systems Manager 4.0 intro
  2. Elements of the WSM screen 
  3. The three parts of professional set up
  4. The systems region tab
  5. Frequencies and bands
  6. Judging and defining a frequency band.
  7. Spare frequency group and coordination
  8. Frequency allocation 1
  9. Frequency allocation 2
  10. Safety
  11. What's new in WSM 4.1?

Here is a link to the WSM page on our website which will give you more information on version 4.2 and where you can also download the software for Mac and Windows.

You can use WSM with G2 (requires Net 1) and G3 series (300 and 500), 3000, and 5000 series.

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  • 03-Mar-2016