Interference from AV controllers within receiver rack

The rapid advancements in the media world lead to progressive technical upgrades in conference rooms, auditoriums, public buildings, etc. With the increasing demand and the complexity that is linked with this, the requirement for clear, intuitive and central control for these systems also increases. Media control centres offer excellent options for this, but in combination with wireless microphone receivers they hold risks. Both media control systems and the AV devices and network components themselves emit electromagnetic fields which can interfere with the operation of wireless microphones. These electromagnetic fields can potentially change their characteristics depending on the device‘s operating mode, making it impossible to predict the exact manner or strength of any potential interference. Nevertheless, precautions can be taken in the planning of media installations which allow you to minimise the risk.

  • Faults occur sporadically (not “provocable“)
  • Not related to the carrier frequency and radio system used
  • Noise
  • “Scratching“ in the signal
  • Loss of wireless contact

Example: EM 3732-II and network switch in a rack


  • Spatial separation of receivers and media control centres, among other things (e.g. different racks)
  • Receiver antenna channels joined via a splitter, and antennas offset
  • Positioning of antennas optimised
  • Largest possible distance between the antennas and devices, e.g. projector, media control system, dimmer packs, etc.
  • Adjustment of the squelch level
  • Review of the frequency management
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  • 23-Feb-2016