Infrared installation planning

For an infrared hard of hearing or translation system you require the following components:

  1. Modulator - this takes an audio input and modulates it onto an RF signal. For two channel infrared we use 2.3MHz and 2.8MHz
  2. Infrared radiator - this takes the RF signal from the modulator and modulates it onto the IR signal being radiated. 
  3. Receiver - this takes the IR signal and demodulates the audio signals. 

These are the options for use for transmission systems:


These are the options for receivers:


If you would like some more information on Infrared installation planning please follow the link's below.

Practical Planning


Planning Theory


NOTE: Several of the power supply options for the SI 30 and SZI 30 series are no longer available:

NT 20-4-UK

KKY 20-015

KK 20-7

KK 20-1

The power supply options available for SI 30 / SZI 30 are: 

NT 20-1-UK - for a single unit (UK version)

UKNT20-4KKY - special UK modified version - for powering 4 units with dc split cable

To extend any of these power supply options, you can use standard 2 core cable suitable for 24V @ 0.5A.

You would need to cut the power supply cable and make necessary cable junctions in a safe manner using standard connectors or terminal strips (choc-block).


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  • 06-Sep-2018