Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that enables connection and communication between NFC-capable electronic devices by placing them near one another or with a single touch.

This technology is incorporated into our MOMENTUM 2.0 and URBANITE XL Wireless headphones.

How it works: Just turn on NFC in the settings menu and hold the headset and the device 3 cm apart, confirm connect

NFC In more detail:

* Your credit cards: gone. Bus pass and train tickets: vanished. Those dog-eared loyalty cards for high street coffee shops: binned. This is the future where the wallet, purse, paper ticket and pocket have all gone digital and live solely on your phone.
* Near Field Communications (NFC), is a contactless, Wi-Fi-lite style tech that could already be in your smartphone!
* It transfers small amounts of data between two devices held a few centimeters from each other using a wireless link evolved from radio-frequency identification.
* Unlike Bluetooth, no pairing code is needed, and because it's very low power, no battery in the device being read.
* It’s starting to become established in the UK
* NFC is only one technology, with Bluetooth and Radio Frequency tech just as able to strike-up a conversation between two gadgets, but there are distinctions within NFC, too.
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  • 17-Sep-2015