EW300IEMG3 - How to get 2 separate mono mixes out of one system

1.) Plug your first mono mix into the left input port on the back of the SR300IEMG3 transmitter, and then plug your second mono mix into the right side input.

2.) Make sure the transmitter is set to stereo mode

3.) Turn on your bodypack receiver and hit the "set" button to enter the menu list

4.) Find the "Mode" option, hit the set button, change the setting to "Focus", and hit the set button again to save it

5.) Scroll until you find "Exit" and hit set to leave the menu screen

6.) Now you are back on the main screen of the pack. from the main screen you can now choose which mix you want to hear by panning left or right with the arrow keys. Hit the down arrow a few times until only mix #1 can be heard, or hit the up arrow a few times until only mix #2 can be heard. The arrows act as a crossfader between the two sources.

7.) There is no limit to how many receiver packs can tune in to these 2 mono mixes you are transmitting, so if you have additional packs just set them to the same frequency and repeat steps 3-6 above.

8.) Just be aware that there may be a small amount of bleed from one channel into the other during quiet passages.

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  • 08-Jul-2015